2 Weeks Down

 In Training

So 2 weeks ago I arrived in Thailand and as you can tell from previous post I was really not having the most amazing time! But 2 weeks on it’s going great.

After getting over the bedding and bathroom shocks in the jungle and being away from my husband I have began to embrace my journey, meet some amazing people and even been lucky enough to make close friends that I will stay in contact with when I get home!

Let me start with the reason I have taken myself away from home and my comforts and I’ll get to the fun stuff! I came to Thailand to do another teacher training but in Ashtanga Modified with my main intention to become better at yoga myself. The first week flew with its ups and downs meeting new people, being in a new place, also accepting that there is a lot of people that are amazing at the yoga asana (positions) because they practice every single day! But this journey has taught me that the asana is actually the least important part of yoga. In Ashtanga practice pranayama (breath) is the most important part.

At the start of week 2 I had a ‘moment’ where I was so mad at myself for coming here because I’m not good at yoga! I was so frustrated and upset with myself, luckily my new friend Lauren was there to pull me up and then it was like the teachers knew and where explaining to us that same day that the meditation of the breath in ashtanga is the most important part to master and the hardest part to master. The next day when we where practicing I noticed my breath is always controlled, smooth and the perfect ujjiah breath. Every since then it’s like my eyes have been opened, yet again it’s not about what you look like! Like everything in life the real beauty is inside/underneath and in yoga I have it mastered. Since then I have enjoyed every Ashtanga practice feeling very calm and grateful.

I am so grateful to be learning so much with such amazing teachers and people. There has also been some fun mixed into life and study here, there has been beach time, shopping days on our days off and it now feels completely normal to walk a km through the jungle to get someone to do your washing! The beautiful husband and wife that run the place I stay and eat at are like saviors, feeding me and showing me affection! Also I brought a sarong so sleep under and swapped beds with someone who wanted a hard bed not her soft bed, so sleeping comfy now! Don’t get me wrong I can’t wait to get home to see my husband and fur babies but I am now enjoying my journey, embracing every step of my yoga journey.


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