2017 the Year for Steff

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The start of 2017 looked a little down for Steff, she was not having the best start to her prep for the ICN 2017 Rookie & Rising Star show, then to top it off her Hernia operation was brought forward to 2 weeks before she would of been getting on stage for the first time in 2017. I reminded her that her hernia was holding back her training and that she needed to take the chance to get the surgery done so she could train even harder once she recovered.

Now recovered we did a very short 10 week prep (time allowed post recovery) to the ICN All Female Classic 2017, we could do this because even though Steff went from no training to restricted (minimal) training we keep her weight under control with her nutrition, which meant she wasn’t to far off stage ready. It was worth the effort & the heart ache of pulling our of the Rookie & Rising start show she come out of the All Female Classic with 2x 4th & a 5th, not bad for a big City show!

We went away from the All Female Classic determined to come back to Season B with a tighter, & even better package then we bought in Season A. And that we did, Steff had picked 3 shows for Season B, back to back shows in fact, the ICN Victorian Titles, ANB Victorian Titles & the ICN Eureka Classic, during her comp prep for these shows she said ‘my goal this season is to bring you home a Coaches award’, I was so warmed by Steff’s goal, it meant she had to win yes, but with the motive of getting me a prize as well.

When we arrived at her first comp of Season B (ICN Vic Titles) it was a disastrous morning, mistake on both counts her and me, she had dark blotchy tan and it was putting a real dampener on the morning, she walked away from the Fitness lineup empty handed, we went back to the room, fixed the tan rebooted and returned for the afternoon Sportswear lineup, Steff got 5th in intermediate! We where both ecstatic after what started off feeling like the worst day ever Steff had walked away with hardware in one of ICN’s biggest shows!

The next weekend arrived; ANB Victorian Titles, neither of us had competed with ANB or even been to one of their shows before, we where flying blind, but blind with confidence, Steff’s tan was on point this week, her body was the best to date with her 2nd Peak week running under her belt. It was a tough line up and a bees dick between 1st & 2nd, Steff walked away with 2nd in both her lineups, the burgers & donut at 11pm where amazing, the taste of such victory after a terrible week the week before! Her feedback from ANB show was that she needed to rotate her torso more in her front pose, which is actually inhibited by the twist Steff has in her spine! So that one is an off season job of working on muscular imbalances, flexibility but also a new front pose that works in her favour with her twist.


Week 3 come along and it was an exciting one! There where 3 #TEAMSMART girls lining up at the ICN Eureka Classic, Steff for the first time ever had stage buddies that she knew before she got to the show! The day wasn’t just exciting because of the crew we had with us, Steff placed in every line up, and not just placed she WON 3 and come 2nd in the 4th! I cried every single time they called her name out that day, all her hard work had paid off! Coming from a shy girl who wouldn’t wear a bikini in public, much less onstage, from needing L&R drawn on her legs during posing practice to someone who flowed and beamed on the stage with 3x 1st place medals in her hand.

Steff is currently in her Off Season preparing for 2018, Season A is all picked we know which comps she will be tackling, the real decision lies in Season B if she does a National Show, which I think she should! But its always her choice I’m just here to support her & coach her to her goals.

What started as a average year ended up being the best year for Steff, because she didn’t give up.


If you want to take to the stage in 2018 now’s the time to contact me.



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