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So January is gone and it looks like your resolution is too, but it doesn?t have to be if you don?t want it to be. forget about the fact that you fell off the wagon and get back on, punishing yourself won?t actually change anything, apart from continuing to be unhappy with your body and yourself. Everyday is a new day, so grab the new day with both hands and get committed to yourself and your goals again.

I find a lot of clients come to me with a mentality of all or nothing, which is wonderful, but on the day that they cave in and have a chocolate bar, soft drink or fat food Friday they decide they have ruined their healthy life style and willingly jump from the bandwagon and head to the corner store for a potato cake. If this sounds like you its time to remember that one bad meal, day, week doesn?t mean you give up, just pull yourself back together, get up the next morning and work out or go to Sumo Salad for lunch (people just in case you don?t know pasta salad?isn?t salad) take it one step at a time accept you had a bad day and keep going. Being fit and healthy doesn?t happen overnight and by all means isn?t 100% of your life, aim for more like 80% if you can?t live a little what?s the point!

To help you get back into the swing of things I have attached a little workout program for February, I?m not saying you have to follow everyday with a vengeance but it?s there for you to add to your morning or evening and it can all be done in front of the television while your watching the news (*cough* Friends reruns) if you do follow it everyday you will notice a big difference in definition, posture and strength, and it?s not that hardcore that you need to stop what ever else you already do, so you can continue to run, yoga, swim, cycle, it will actually benefit your other exercise by strengthening your core, upper body and legs.

So enjoy and I?d love to hear your feedback on how you go with the program!


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