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Emily has been training with me for around 2 years, she walked km on km everyday and was getting results, in the beginning. After time he body stopped responding, she hit a Plato and then the scales actually started going up. On the verge of giving up on training she remembered something I had said to her one day, ‘your probably not eating enough’.?

At that time Emily has decided I was crazy and continued on with her method, that wasn’t working. But before throwing in the towel Emily decided to join Team Smart see what I was taking about and figured if it didn’t work it was only 12 weeks of her time. Needless to say Emily is about to start round 3 with me at the end of the month.?

In the weeks together Emily has lost;


Bicep – 4cm

Chest – 11cm

Waist (underbust) – 10cm

Belly Button – 13cm

Hip – 15cm

Thigh -14cm ea.

Now the kg here is minimal but no one knows what the scales say, what they know is what they see. So losing cm, and in such amounts, is more important then a number on the scales.?

Emily doesn’t undereat, she has a good balance of clean foods & treats including Nutella & beer. And the treats don’t come from a cheat meal they are balanced in through out her week using my flexible dieting approach. Emily feels confident with her food, she goes to dinners and knows how to make it work so it doesn’t hinder her results. So why sign up for round 3, we’ll Emily isn’t at her goal yet and she likes having me there to not only keep her accountable but the body will Plato when it decided it wants to do she has me here with my tricks and knowledge to get her burning fat once more.?

But Emily hasn’t just been loosing weight! She has been lifting some pretty impressive numbers in the gym too!?

Emily can;

Conventional Deadlift; 92.5kg

High Bar Squat; 92.5kg

And does it beautifully and we’ll fuelled thanks to her Team Smart ways!?

Want to be like Emily?

Email me today;

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