A Fire Ceremony & Graduation

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Sorry for the delay in my final blog on my Thailand adventures but life got a little cray cray!!

So my first blog was on my arrival and that proved that I got the shock of my life, my second blog proved I was having a lot more fun and overcoming some personal challenges, so what will blog/week three bring?

Week three was fun and it absolutely flew! I was also very excited about the fact that I was going to see my husband and enjoy our week holiday in some civilized resorts!! I had my best week of practice cause I just stopped getting caught up in trying to be ?perfect? or ?good? I took the time to dry my sweat from my legs and arms so I could finally do my arm balances!

We also started our philosophy studies which was interesting in itself, I?m the type of person that likes to be given information as it is and that?s what there is to know, I always like new information but I like it to have solid facts and answers in that moment. Philosophy for those of you who have never studied it, like me, isn?t taught like that! They like your input they believe it?s always evolving, so the first 2 days we learnt philosophy I actually got really mad because they guy wasn?t just telling me the facts he was asking questions and getting our theories on the philosophies, but once I realised that philosophy I actually enjoyed it a bit more, don?t get me wrong I would still like to have been told point blank these are the philosophies of yoga and that?s it but that?s not to be.

I had one more ?adventure? before I left the jungle which I was pretty sure was close to killing me. The Taxi boats or as I called them Death Boats where the only way to get to the closest bay with real shops and each Saturday Lauren, Bryn and myself had made the trip together to adventure, a part of me wishes that I didn?t go on the final Saturday cause I screamed bloody murder the who trip home as the ?boat? was on the verge of flipping for 95% of the trip. I told everyone I wasn?t getting back on one of those things to go home we were taking the Taxi truck to the ferry to get off the island! Which was organised because the locals also said the weather was to bad on our final day to take the boat. But that was fun we got to go in a truck through the jungle so we got to see even more of the island!


Our graduation day was an amazing day that I will never forget. Our philosophy teacher was from India and he organised a fire ceremony to be a part of our graduation which was a real blessing. Why was a fire ceremony a blessing? I have been holding onto some anger and resentment to people who have hurt and upset me but as the Buddha says holding onto anger is like holding onto a hot coal intending to throw it, in the end you?re the one that get burnt. So during the ceremony we were told to through something into the fire that we wanted to remove from our lives, at first I wasn?t sure, was I really ready to let go? But that was crazy talk, anger is toxic and you never need to hold onto that, so in my note went as did my anger and resentment. Now this doesn?t mean that I have to now be friends with these people but that toxic feeling has been removed from the body and I feel so light it?s amazing! I?m glad I did it. We then received or certificates jumped in the taxi trucks and began our journey home.


Even though my Teacher Training has ended, it doesn?t mean the end, it?s just a part of my life journey and it has given me so much that I feel I have really grown as a person, teacher and a wife I am so grateful. As someone said to me on my first day in Hadd Tien ?it?s the things that make us feel like the challenge is to great that create the change we need.? At the time in my panic attack I thought he was crazy but now at the end of my experience I know he is right. Challenge yourself, let go of your anger it will make you grow as a person an you will never regret it.



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