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Even when I’m not the winner I am rooting for the successful because that’s what makes me successful.
Get ready for a tacky starting story but it’s the truth. 9 years ago I was watching an episode of the Biggest Loser and I saw the way the trainers had changed the contestants lives and I thought to myself my god I want to be able to change someone’s life like that! (Told u it was tacky lol)
I quickly found a school that was suited to me to start my career as a PT. I was not 100% sure what direction I was going to take my future as a PT in but I soon worked it out. During my Cert 3 I found out about a pregnant and post natal course for PT that’s when it clicked I am going to Specialize in Female training.
All my future training has been Female specific, from in the gym to nutrition, I believe we deserve to have something special to us, why should we be getting trained by men that don’t understand our bodies, our hormones? I wanted women to succeed in their fitness & weight loss goals with someone that understood why one day a month you weigh 3kg’s more, yes for 24hrs!
In 2015 I decided I wanted to do a Physic comp, I went in blind with no idea what I was doing, this just drove me to learn to then be able to succeed! I’ve done 3 courses specifically for female physic competitors since then, gone to countless workshops and read even more abstracts about the female body! I wanted to evolve my training from helping my girls looking good everyday, to having someone available to coach them to the stage.
In 2016 my training partner wanted to have a go on the stage so I coached her there, she finished her first year of competing with 4 top 5 placing including 2x 2nds! This actually means she has done better then me in an award way on the stage but for me personally and professionally It was like I won those trophies because I had helped her reach her goal, I cried when she got her 4th place (first top 5 placing) because I had succeeded as a coach.
In 2016 I became booked out with in house clients so I branched my business to the online world, still remaining female specific in my coaching and just like when my in house girls check in or show up to the gym I love Saturday check-ins to see everyone progress, following my method that I have developed with my years of experience, knowledge and study.
Seeing my clients succeed makes me know that I have succeed I am for-filling my goal on a daily basis as I help my girls reach their goal.
I will always be rooting for my girls!
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