I grew up in Sunraysia Victoria, Australia. My family owned a dried fruit property which meant from an early age I was working, if you could reach you could help, was a theory my parents held. But it instilled a strong work ethic in me that I still use today.


I now live with my husband, Warren & our 3 dogs; Charli, Basil & Chunky on our vegetable farm. These 4 are the loves of my life and I am grateful for them every day, our dogs are our fur babies, our eldest Charli was even the only one to attend our nuptials!

From an early age I played sport, danced and I have always loved eating healthy, tasty food! As I got older I decided I wanted to share this passion with the world by becoming a Personal Trainer. While studying I decided I wanted focus on female health, I went on to study pregnancy & post natal training, yoga & nutrition. I still study, research and attend multiple seminars every year about female training & nutrition, because I not only love improving my knowledge for my own training and health but so I can pass it on to my clients.

In the last few years?I have been?competing in Bikini Model competitions, it has truly enriched my life and I love competing, changing my body and building a strong physic.

When people hear that I get up at 5.00am and finish working at 9.30pm they think I?m crazy, and they are probably right but I love what I do and I?m also grateful to be able to do what I do, some people are not able to exercise or care for themselves, I believe in being grateful for what we have not sour for what we don?t have.

My mission is to share my knowledge of healthy and fitness with you all so you all can live healthy and happier lives!


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