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So getting up @6am sounds like a nightmare to you? It used to be for me too, but just like exercise where the hardest part is putting on your shoes, the hardest part is getting out of bed.

So for a majority of my life if I got up before 7.45am it was because my mum or husband where standing over me telling me to get up?becoming a Personal Trainer brought that to a dead halt. I realised I was going to have to train myself to waking up early.
The best way to get up earlier is to slowly creep your alarm back by 5-10mins ever couple of weeks and before you know it you’ll be up half and hour earlier and that’s plenty of time for a morning workout. How do you not ignore your alarm or snooze, put your alarm away from your bed. I sit mine in the lounge on the charger it’s close enough I can be woken by the alarm but far enough I have to get up and walk to it, and once your up out of bed gravity normally blesses you with the morning urge to go to the bathroom!! The next thing to add to this trick is to make sure ur clothes for that day or workout are sat with your alarm so you have no reason to even wonder back towards the bed. You’ll find once you’ve created your new wake up time you can bring your alarm back into your room. This will be after 21days (takes this long to create a habit) but there is nothing stopping you from leaving it a walk away if you need.

I’ve actually had to start using this training method again. I’d worked myself to 5.45am so I had time to meditate, dress, eat & set up the gym before my first client arrives. But I realised I was missing something vital, time for my own exercise so

I’m back training to get up at 5am I’ve got to 5.30am it’s just 1/2hr to go!!

I’m not going to lie to you, my head does not bounce off the pillow at 5.30am, it’s kind of heavy to be honest, but once I’m up I just keep going. So set your alarm for this week 5minutes earlier and soon enough you’ll have add 1/2 and hour to your day, which will be much better spent then rolling around in bed.

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