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Body Composition Scans

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Each week we jump on our bathroom scales for our check-in but they really only give us our total weight, they don’t tell us how much of that in LBM, water or body fat.

Bathroom Scales

Some bathroom scales give you a reading of BF and unfortunately I wouldn’t bother with it if I was you. They are incredibly inaccurate when it comes to comparing the % of Fat, Muscle, Bone, Water. So just let the bathroom scales give your overall weight. Just like getting on a different set of scales can give you a massive weight difference, they just aren’t calibrated well from the start and I’m sure you don’t get them calibrated annually. Using it in conjunction with progress pics & measurements for a more accurate reading of your progress.

Inbody Scans

We’ve all wasted some money here. They have a massive sales pitch, they are often in your local gym or supplement store so you jump on because you want to know.

They can be up to 15% inaccurate with their reading, so say your 15% BF but the Inbody told you you where 30%.

They are greatly inaccurate like our scales because they can’t really measure the amounts in the body and when we are in high fluid times of our cycle it reads it as fat.

For example on 26th September 2017 I had a InBody scan that said I was:


15.8kg Fat Mass

On the 9th October 2017 (just shy 2 weeks apart) my DEXA scan said:


18.03kg Fat Mass

There is no way someone can gain that amount of fat mass and loose that amount of LBM in 2 weeks. It was after this I did some digging and found out the InBody scans where a waste of money.

Pinch Test

A much more accurate version of testing body fat but also take with a preverbal grain of salt when it comes to the calculation of your BF%.

The calculations of BF are done from 7 to 12 sites across the body. And for woman they aren’t normally on the fattiest point of our bodies. We also all hold fat differently so using the same locations for everyone won’t be accurate.

Instead if you’re doing pinches, pinch where you actually hold fat, take note of the number it provides and then just retest that location each fortnight/month and don’t don’t try workout a BF% from it. Because if those site measurements are going down, it means your BF is too.


This is the most accurate way to understand your body composition. They are done at specific clinics or radiology clinics. And your body is scanned similar to X-Ray, Ultrasound etc to get a full body scan of Muscle, Bone & Fat. 

The final scan gives you a visual reading of muscle, bone & fat mass (see above image), and then it will give you the reading for ea in grams on your print out provided by the radiologist.

The disadvantage of a DEXA is location and price. A lot of small towns don’t offer the services and they cost about $80. But you don’t need to do this scan more than annually and you can leave it for a couple of years in between too. If you are going to do it I recommend going in fasted in the AM so it remains consistent. 

But of course you don’t need to know your LBM – BF ratio, use the cm’s and the progress pics to tell you how far you have come and prove to you how amazing you’re looking.

And don’t forget the other markers like: energy, mood, strength, sleep, sex drive, skin, etc. There’s more to health & fitness than weight loss.


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