Burpee B’s

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‘Whether you think you can or you think you can – your right.’ ? Henry Ford

This is so true in the case of anything in life, including your workout. When people see I’ve done this or I ask them to do even just one part of this workout they instantly say ‘you’re crazy,’ on both occasions. But if you honestly believe your capable of doing something you will, it might not be as well as you’d like but you will have done it and you can only get better.

With Winter really starting to kick in some days your not going to feel like going outside for your cardio so here is a great indoor one for you. You can replace the spin bike with a rower you need to to keeper heart rate up but you need to be capable of doing your Burpees. While your doing your burpees count how many you can do in each timer so you can match or beat it next time.

I have included a little video so you get the idea.


The Workout – Burpee B’s

4 minutes on a Spin bike or Rower

4 minutes max burpees

3 minutes spin bike

3 minutes max burpees

2 minutes spin bike

2 minutes max burpees

1 minute spin bike

1 minutes max burpees




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