Paleo, Vegan Twix Bars

The original recipe for these had a coconut sugar caramel which was far to sweet, my date caramel version is just the right amount of sweet and tastes even more like a store bought Twix!   [...]

Paleo Banana Bread

I often find that Paleo Banana Breads can be soggy, full of eggs, sweetener or just not nice so I’ve had a play in the kitchen and this is what I have for you! When I made this bread I had [...]

Easy Paleo Crepes

Make sure when you have crepes for breakfast you pack?them with loads of fresh fruit cause it tastes amazing with them. Key to these is to try get them thin, they shouldn’t be thick like a [...]

Sweet Potato Stack

When your living a Paleo lifestyle your can often get a bit excited with overdoing it on protein, so its nice to slip some carbs & fibre into the mix when your having breakfast to try and [...]