This is Katy

She is stunning right! Theres nothing wrong with the gorgeous girl who started with my, but she wanted to compete, so compete she did! Katy trusted me enough to eat more food & do a short [...]

Meet Bree

She’s a mum of 2 who works and has a partner who works on off/away. At the end of 2016 she decided she wanted to make some changes to her ways to benefit her and her family.? Bree signed up [...]


Emily has been training with me for around 2 years, she walked km on km everyday and was getting results, in the beginning. After time he body stopped responding, she hit a Plato and then the [...]


Bec was the winner of my first every Summer Body Challenge this year! Bec 1.1kg??? Bicep 2.5cm??? Chest 3.5cm??? Waist 4cm??? Belly Button 2cm??? Hips 4.5cm??? Thigh 2cm??? When Bec contacted me [...]


I remember meeting Vicky in August 2015, she was super sweet, kind of quiet, had already lost a great deal of weight on her own but things had started to stall so she decided it was time to seek [...]