Leg Day Workout

Hey Guys, this vlog is my current leg workout in my ?improvement season? (off season) I really hope you like it I know I absolutely love it! I also want to let you know that in my deadlifts I [...]

Travel & Motel Workout

Hey guys, there is lots of us that have to travel for work, like it or love it it does start to mess with your routine. So in this Vlog I have shared my simple but effective workout that you can [...]

Gluten & Your Brain

So often when I?m telling people what?s involved in following a Paleo lifestyle they hear that you don’t eat bread and decide, no way I?m not doing that! But before you decide no bread is [...]

Hello 2015!

A New Year a New You, right? New Years, it’s often a time that we decide that we have to change everything about ourselves to be perfect, well guess what we are all pretty dam great the way [...]


New Year, New Me. This seems to be the way we all start the new year but by February your gym membership is lining the gym owners pockets, your fresh fruit and vegetables you where going to eat [...]