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Comp Prep

Custom Coaching

with Rowena Smart

Your comp prep coaching will have you fully covered to get you ready for any; WBFF, ANB or ICN Bikini or Fitness Division show.


Why Compete?

Show Day is such an amazing experience but…

The Journey, the journey is what it’s really about.

Seeing what your mind and body is capable of.

If your someone who likes the challenge to push your body to it’s next level with Nutrition & Training then is it time to compete?

As a part of #TEAMSMART you will not just reach your goal show day body but you will do it with care to your mental & hormonal health!

There is life after the show and here at #TEAMSMART we care about that.

What Do you get?

My most hands-on and challenging custom coaching, but also the most rewarding offers a great level of access to myself through different types of communication, support and guidance to get you comp ready.

Comp Prep

Custom Coaching

with Rowena Smart

Successfully transforming
womens bodies

Through hard work and dedication, you can acheive the dream body you’ve always wanted, the only thing stopping you is you!



She is stunning right! Theres nothing wrong with the gorgeous girl who started with my, but she wanted to compete, so compete she did!

Katy trusted me enough to eat more food & do a short bulk before we shredded her back for comp day.

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