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Does Meal Timing matter?

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I would say this is in my top 3 questions I get asked about reaching a weight loss or muscle goal. 

And my answer is No, the only placement that does matter is your protein distribution

Do I have to eat Breakfast?

Well, you have to break your fast (thats what breakfast means), but you don’t have to eat your first meal 30mins from getting out of bed, you can choose to fast till; 9am, 10am, 11am, what ever suits your lifestyle. The time you start eating won’t effect your goal, except it shortens your caloric intake window, so it means you have less time to eat your calories. 

This also doesn’t mean you can’t drink anything before you eat, feel free to have your coffee, tea, water what every you have tracked into your day.

But do make sure that you have a decent meal to break your fast, don’t get a sugar laden, highly processed or deep fried meal to start your day, these are just going to send your insulin levels its a spin leaving you hungry and looking for more crap food. 

Do I need to eat every 2-3hrs?

No, this only helps you control you willpower and hunger levels, because eating regularly won’t leave you a big window of being hungry between meals.

How many meals should I have in a day?

What ever suits you! It needs to fit your lifestyle, not someone else’s, if you like having 5 -6 full meals through the day, knock yourself out, if you like 3 solid meals and 2-3 snack size meals thats also great! Find what works for you and aids your compliance.

How should I distribute my protein?

This is the one macro that does matter how you distribute through your day. This is for multiple reasons:

  1. Our body can only absorb so much of our protein from our meal (roughly 50-70%) and it can’t store protein like it does carbs & fats.
  2. It helps with satiety, which means spreading it through the day helps you feel full through the day
  3. It will make sure you end up with protein around your workout

So stop stressing about the perfect meal timing, focus on your caloric compliance and fuelling your body to run effectively & thrive!


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