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So it’s bad enough Facebook tells me that my girls progress pictures are emotionally upsetting but now my girls are being trolled for their results.?

When did the world become this place where when we are not happy with ourselves we are nasty to others, or your that soft that you can’t handle seeing someones transformation picture as an ad on FB??

I love posting transformation pics of my clients, that are happy for the world to see their hard work! And FB has no problem with that, but as soon as I go to use it as an advert that’s another story. Every time there is a progress picture of one of my clients in my FB ads the ad gets rejected and this is why:?


If you are upset by my clients before and after picture is it because you look like my client before she started? If so why be sensitive about it? why not go ‘well fuck it if she can I can to!’

Facebook has annoyed me time and time again with their molly coddling of society. But what really annoyed me this week is when one of my girls emailed me to see if I had seen nasty comments made on a post that included her transformation pics.?

The comment said ‘photoshopped ?’ the comment was followed by another that said ‘not serious’.?

The psychology behind saying: kidding, joking, not serious etc after a negative or nasty comment is that the person meant it but didn’t want the repercussions of putting their opinion out there.?

I am not saying that this is the only troll and only my girls get trolled I see it over social media ever dam day! Why is it that if we are unhappy with ourselves we can’t be happy for others or better yet use them as inspiration! Every single one of my girls have changed not just physically but mentally and emotionally. And you know what they want everyone to feel that! They take questions from inspired onlookers every single day wanting them to make the same changes in their life that they did to reach where they currently are. They are also the first to respond to new girls questions on the Team Smart forum! They don’t have to do any of those things, they aren’t paid to, they want to because they want people to feel and get the changes they do.?

So why is it that these caring people are being bullied for their hard work in becoming their best selves yet??

Society needs to go have a hard look in the mirror if you don’t like what you see do something to change it. Contact the ‘upsetting image’ provider or the girl who posted the ‘photoshopped’ transformation pics. Ask them how how you can do it or how they did it. Don’t bully the people that have taken the first step and don’t hate on them because you don’t like what you see in your mirror.?

Do something about it.?


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