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How’s your New Years Resolution looking? Are you one of the 8% still going strong, or are you the 92% that dropped off because the results didn’t come in 4 weeks? (these are real states people not sarcasm!)

If your part of the later maybe it’s time to re-asses your resolution, why did it fail? Why did you fall off the wagon? Did you expect to much to soon? Or where you really just lost with what to do in the gym & the kitchen? Or was it because you really just weren’t ready to commit?

How will you reset your now EOFY Resolution? Will you find a coach to help your with your nutrition and programming to make those areas less daunting and more education? Will you get a friend to come with you or a Personal Trainer to make you commit? Will you use a food prep company so there’s no hassle and excuses in the kitchen? But the biggest question if all is when will you start?

Right now in? our head when are you planning on starting?

a. Right now?

b. Tomorrow?

c. July 31st?

If you picked b or c that there is your problem. Your not ready to commit. Why do you need a date or day to start? This right here is your excuse, there is nothing wrong with the 21 days between now and the 31st July but you are choose the excuse of I’ll start then, I’m to busy till then etc. These are excuses not reasons to not start. If you really want this you will get your gym clothes out tonight ready to go in the morning, or have emailed a coach to get into a program to reach your goal, or you will start a meal prep right now so you have good food choices for tomorrow. If you think all of that can wait you not ready to start attaining your goal. But when you are you will make these actions happen as soon as you think of it not in 21 days time.

If you feel like your ready and don’t know what to do then maybe it’s time to join Team Smart?



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