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A lot of people don’t realize that before Team Smart & Rowena Smart Yoga & PT I actually had another business. Another business that ‘failed.’

It wasn’t until over this weekend with my youngest sister Sharee that I realized that for someone who happily works towards success in my business and personal goals regardless of the hurdles I come across, I’m still keeping a past business fail in my closest. I just never speak about it, when Sharee asked me why I had to think a bit about it, it’s because I didn’t want people to link me to failing at something. Yet I happily get on stage multiple times a year doing better then the last time and not once consider the previous time a failure.?

What makes it different? Nothing, nothing but my fear of people connecting my business with failure. I never see myself as a failure and so no one ever sees me as a failure, but I had this dirty little secret in my closet so no one can judge my business skills, crazy right? It is, so here I am airing my dirty laundry, lifting a weight from my shoulders. At the age of 19 I bought a down trending clothing business with a 100% belief that I was going to make it thrive again like it did when I was at school, after 18months I realized that lack of experience, knowledge and financial security really meant I couldn’t. So I bailed out before the debt was unmanageable, it was suggest by financial advisers to declare bankruptcy, which I thought about to be honest. But I didn’t want to I wanted to dig myself out of my debt, 3 years later of working 2-3 jobs at a time, studying and completing my Personal Training course (and the start of many follow up courses!) I was out of debt with no damage to my credit rating.?

In that time I had already started doing a little bit of personal training on the side and was starting to build up a nice little clientele that I had no idea would go from pocket money to a full fledged business I can live comfortably off. But my previous experience was always in the back of my mind, the lessons I had learned. This time I let my business grow bit by bit, still working other jobs until one day I decided I had the balls to leap and quit my extra job and really knuckle down into my business.?

That was just over 2 years ago, and I’ve never looked back or regretted my decision. Which means my past experience in business was not a failure, just a god dam expensive crash course in business, it was only a failure because I was letting it be seen as a failure by me, scared of other people’s opinions.?

What I am now realizing is my most important lesson here wasn’t just about building a success business but not letting fear of people’s opinions control my past, the past is what has molded me, it’s what has made the the strong minded, committed & dedicated woman I am today. Since closing??the doors of ‘Rojent Clothing’ I have achieve so much because of the resilience that experience has taught me. It’s also why I help guide and caution my sisters with their blossoming businesses so that they don’t have to go through that 3 year heart ache I had to, they to can learn from my mistakes!?

Part from airing my dirty laundry I’m using this as a chance to remind you that no matter what the outcome is in life, relationship, business it’s not a failure unless you;?

A. See it that way

B. Don’t learn from it

So never let your mistakes bring you down just using them as a lesson and stepping stone to improve in the future just like I did. It molds your character makes you a better more resilient person, it makes you into who your meant to be.?

I am happy to say I won’t hid my past business mistake just like I never hide the judges feedback, it’s all about taking it on board being honest and working on a better version, a version 2.0.?


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