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So summer is coming up and you’ve decided it’s time to get bikini ready! And that’s great! So you head to the supermarket to fill your pantry with ‘healthy foods’.
But thanks to clever marketing we often believe that we are eating the healthiest foods out there, because that’s what the advertisement & packaging said right? But it’s not always the way. Below are a 6 foods I want you to be cautious of because they aren’t always that good for you.
I did start this blog with just 5 food but there are 6 foods that aren’t as healthy as you think and because I really want you to be aware of these foods I’ve shared 6!!

This is my number one pet peeve! Cause yoghurt is an absolutely amazing food that is good for you…when you eat the right one. How do you know which one is the right one? If your not a fan of Greek yoghurt (most cases this is a safe bet for being good for you) you need to turn the yoghurt container and read the ingredient list, is sugar listed in there? It’s nearly granted to be there. Don’t buy it. Put it back and look for another one or make your yoghurt, in my ebook I include the recipe for homemade yoghurt and it’s super easy and tastes 100% better then bought yoghurt.

Muesli bars & muesli
These guys are marketed as a health food snack but really they aren’t. Full of grains which are held together with some form of sugar syrup, that is a sugar spike waiting to happen. Raising your insulin in dangerous for the body and you health. But it also sets off cravings and hunger pangs after eating them because the body wants to maintain that sugar high. Try making a nut bar that’s bound with tahini & honey, I’ve put a recipe up on my Facebook page for you in the past, but if your having trouble finding it I’m sure I can post it again!! 🙂

Bought juices are always a no-no, they are always laden with sugar and preservatives to give them a long shelf life. Juice bar juices can be better but just make sure they don’t add some sugar filled sorbet or other sneaky sweetener you just want the juice! Also don’t go with a full fruit juice, make sure their is some vegetables in there other wise it is just a fructose bomb. Even though fruit and fructose aren’t bad for you, you don’t want them in a huge hit multiple times of the day. Also try going for a smoothie instead, so your getting the fibre from the fruit & vegetables not just the flavor and nutrients left after the juicing process.

Diet Soda
All I really need to say is look at the label, do any of the ingredients on the label, part from purified water, actually sound like something you want to put in your body? No. Yes it has 1calorie, but that one calorie is poisoning your body and making you bloated. So take your hand down to the bottom shelf where they hide the sparkling water, drink that, add some fresh lime, or berries if you are looking for some flavor. Don’t punish yourself if you have a diet soda once in a blue moon but don’t do it everyday or every week you don’t actually need it and the spritz of sparkling water will nullify your craving.

Diet chocolate bars?
So I’ve have eaten these in the past and do you know what I never actually enjoyed them, the flavor was always so artificial and gross!! But I know some people love them and have them everyday. But just like your diet soda they aren’t actually all that great for you, yes they are low in calories but what has been put into them to make the chocolate and Carmel ‘taste’ like chocolate and caramel? I can tell you now it’s not ideal. If you need a sweet treat go for a homemade grain free sugar free treat. I have got some of these recipes on my blog but my ebook has some of my favorites. These kinds of treats don’t spike your blood sugar and they aren’t filled with processed demons that will actually eventually hinder your health.

Gluten Free
Now being someone who eats clean and follows Paleo I don’t eat gluten or a lot of grain. But you wont see me in the gluten free isle of the supermarket. Why? Because gluten free packaged foods are in most cases a ‘chemical shit storm’ food processing companies use all sorts of nasty products to flavor and bind their products to avoid that ‘cardboard’ feeling and taste that gluten free food originally had. Making a gluten free option at home is a much better option for you and your family. Yes it’s good to have some gluten free bread in the freezer for backup on days you don’t want to make breakfast but you don’t want a pantry of gluten free foods.

Now that you’ve collected this knowledge head to the store and take your time to find some nourishing whole foods. If you looking for some help with learning a healthy lifestyle down load my S.M.A.R.T eating ebook to help you make your way. It has a 12 week meal plan, food tips & recipes, it’s a lifestyle not a diet so your losing weight without starving yourself and you can maintain that lifestyle after the 12 weeks using the recipes in the ebooks and the ones I will continue to supply you on my blog. You also have my support by contacting me though email, my contact page, Facebook & Instagram. I want to be there to support your through this journey cause it won’t happen over night and sometimes it has it’s hard days and it’s nice to have someone who has experienced that to tell you it will be ok and worth it!

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