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Are you like me and love nothing more then to sit down in front of the TV on your veg day and just watch re-runs of Friends? Or your planning a girls night which happens to be a Friends marathon? How about you add a little fitness to your lazy afternoon/evening? And if your with your friends it will be so much fun!

When ever one of our favourite characters do the following you need to do the exercise next to it. Let me know if you don’t know what some of the exercises are and I?ll help you out!

Monica & Ross fight/make fun of one another – 20 toe touch crunches

Ross & Rachel Kiss – 30 mountain climbers

Joey eats food out of Monica?s fridge – 10 burpees

Chandler is sarcastic or makes a joke – 20 high knees

Monica cleans – 20 squats

They see ugly naked guy – 40 star jumps

Joey says ?How you doing?? – 15 sumo squats

Everyone is at central Perk – 5 pushups

Rachel cries – 15 crunches

New episode starts – 20 donkey kicks on ea. side

You see someone at work – 10 1/2 burpees

Now when your partner or housemate walks in to find you on the couch again you can say your working out. 😛


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