Gluten & Your Brain

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So often when I?m telling people what?s involved in following a Paleo lifestyle they hear that you don’t eat bread and decide, no way I?m not doing that! But before you decide no bread is the end of the world I?m going to share a. how it will make you feel & b. what it actually does to your body. So Paleo or no Paleo you may want to put down the sandwich.

First of all I?m going to clarify that you aren’t just removing Gluten from your diet when you follow Paleo, you actually remove all grains and gluten is actual the protein found in cereal grains. So by removing grains from the diet you actually remove the gluten. Why are grains removed? Grain?s are removed because they are mass produced and heavily processed. Whats the benefits of removing them? Well grains actually cause inflammation in your body, as does dairy, so it can cause all sorts of issue throughout your body; digestive concerns, acne, diabetes and effects your brain which is what I will mostly be sharing today.

Research has proven that there is even more reasons to say goodbye to gluten, it actually reacts with your brain the same way as heroin does, yes heroin, so having toast for breakfast creates the same chemical reaction is your brain as heroin. By no means am I telling you to have heroin for breakfast instead of your toast, I?m just letting you know how your brain is reacting to it. Gluten is an incredibly addictive product I personally don’t eat gluten anymore because of the grains I have removed from my diet, but yesterday morning I decided to pull a piece of rye bread out of the freezer (that is there for I.C.E moments) and I could actually feel the change in my mentality, all day I wanted to eat all the foods I never touch, if I had gone via a McDonalds I would of done a massive old school Rowena order of a Medium Cheese burger meal with a strawberry shake and 10 nuggets! Then this morning my brain said, lets have that toast again for breakfast, and I did. So now I?m making the conscious effort to not go up the street and find the fried foods and sugar. Because eating healthy isn’t a hard enough task in this day an age with all these ?convenient? meal options. So I give you the challenge, take your bread out of your diet at breakfast and at lunch (and where ever else you add it in your day) and see how your brain starts to react.

There is other research out there about the side effects of gluten too. Recent studies are finding that gluten actually effects the white matter in your brain the same way Chemotherapy does. Whats white matter? white matter is actively involved in the growth of new neuron?s in the brain, neuron?s are responsible for communications of the brain, nerve cells, muscle and gland cells. This is any wonder that some of us suffer some real ?brain fade? moments, if you have a diet high in glutenous products your brain is to busy fighting off the gluten to remember that you need to get meat for dinner on the way home. So is that slice of bread really worth it?

Ok, so your hearing me now, gluten is damaging to the whole body I?ll start shopping in the Gluten Free isle?.please don?t. Gluten Free products are chemical shit storms (excuse the language) they add all different types of products to try and make them taste like the regular product, you would be better off continuing to eat gluten. Just stop using these things, it will take time for you to get there because it has been such a big habit and product in your diet for your whole life. Step by step you will get there and you will find some many new amazing foods that taste amazing and are good for you.

If you reading this and are starting to think that it might be worth removing some of these things from your diet and your not ready to take the full plunge, you can download my S.M.A.R.T eating ebook, its like a stepping stone to Paleo, it doesn’t remove all grains and dairy but it works you there. Or if your feeling brave and ready or you are still raising questions as to if what I?m telling you is truth this is what I recommend my clients to do; remove gluten or grains from your diet for 30 days and then add them back in and take notice of how your body changes and then reacts when you re-introduce the products. Take the plunge today, start your brain fade free days now.


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