Hello 2015!

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A New Year a New You, right? New Years, it’s often a time that we decide that we have to change everything about ourselves to be perfect, well guess what we are all pretty dam great the way we are! But it’s always nice to make the odd tweak here and there.

So what is your New Years resolution? Seriously share it with me in the comments it will make you accountable. Now ask yourself is your resolution practical for you to achieve? Yes they need to be a challenge and something that will make you change, but it needs to be realistic. If you have never run a step in your life maybe don’t set a marathon in 3 months as your resolution, you can if you want but that’s going to take some commitment! I’m a silver lining person so please don’t think I’m bringing you down, but it is such a nice feeling to achieve a goal, it’s not so great to not make an achievement. So for example 2014 my goal was to start a blog, I may not have posted one every month but it evolved from a blog to a website which has now lead to some of this years resolutions. This in my eyes seems pretty great, see happy, sometimes one resolution will lead to another goal being achieved or to your next resolution.

My resolution for 2015 is a handful of small things;
– New laptop (I know but I want one!)
– Develop my business profile
– Finish gym renovations
– Take a leap of faith for my business

I know the last one sounds allusive but I know what it means! They are all at the end of the day are related to my business, I’ve decide this year is my business year both online and in the gym.
Let your resolution be something that can evolve or have more then one positive effect, get more bang for your buck. Your resolution doesn’t have to be about your health & fitness it can be like mine this year business, or maybe a personal resolution. Also sign up to resources that will help, there is help everywhere out there. Go, go start your resolution, share it so your accountable and then make it happen.

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