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How to Stop Snacking

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I’m talking about mindless snacking, not the kind of snacks you planned into your food diary so you could have a snack when it suits you!

These are my tips for stopping yourself from snacking on unplanned foods.


Spreading your protein across the day, placing it in 2-4meals throughout your day helps with satiety, which means that your not hungry and looking for food. This is even more effective when its a whole food version not just a shake.

Solid food

Don’t waste your macros on liquid. Look I know you might like a Coffee or a boost juice or what ever it is you are drinking, but they are full of calories so watch your choices. Limit yourself to one coffee, ask for half the milk and instead of drinking a juice have the fruit, it will have more nutrients and fibre in it keeping you fuller but also fuelling your body better! And when it comes to soft drink I have no problems with swapping to diet (swipe to see its not all bad!) And nothing beats some water ladies. But if you find you are wasting macros on liquids make some swaps so your belly is actually full.

Wholesome foods

Foods with fibre and that don’t come from a market are always going to keep your feeling fuller. This is for a few reasons, they are normally more have more volume so it fills your stomach more, but they often have fibre which absorbs the water/liquids you drink which swells and results in you stomach feeling full.

Eat regularly

Eating every 2-3hrs stops you from reaching that real ‘I’m starving’ point, when you reach that point your will power is week. Hunger is willpowers kryptonite. 

Satisfy your cravings

Don’t restrict yourself on foods if you want some chocolate have some chocolate, don’t try satisfy it with an apple…they are NOT the same girls! Have a freddo, caramel koala, or something single serve to satisfy your craving and make it fit your macros. If you keep snacking on other things to satisfy a craving it’s not going to go away, and if your diet doesn’t allow you to do that, change.


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