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It feels like there is new superfood popping out of the woodwork every week and lets face it some of them aren’t easy to incorporate into your everyday diet and then there is a few that don’t taste so flash. The Incaberry is completely different, its flavour is sweet with a subtle sour taste to finish. I?m going to explain to you why they are great and also a couple of ideas to incorporate them into your daily diet.

The fruit is grown in the volcanic soils of South America and is quite similar to the Gooseberry. Why is it a superfood? Packed full of Vit A, B1, B2, B6, B12 & C, bioflavonoids and has 19.1g fibre per 100g the next closest is dates at 9.7g per 100g. Also found to contain the heterogeneous polysaccharide pectin, which has the ability to regulate blood sugar.

Protein: these little berries are a unique source of vegetable protein which contains 16% of this valuable nutrient. It is used for muscle recovery, growth and it also optimises our bodies ability to absorb other nutrients.

Melatonin: they only contain a small amount of melatonin, but if your craving a little sweet treat before bed it might be worth having a handful to help get the melatonin levels going to help you get a better night sleep.

Nutritional Value:


How can you add them into your diet? I personally love just grabbing a handful by them selves, you can add them to your trail mix, salad, yoghurt or even when your feeling a little fancy put them on your cheese plate.

Being a dried fruit they have a great shelf life and even longer if you keep them in your fridge.

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