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Ines first started with me when I began online Meal Planning, she was also still with me when I realized Meal Plans just don’t work! They don’t teach you anything! Yes you loose weight following them but really what lessons did you learn from them?

This was what it was like for Ines, she did 2 meals plans with me, not putting all her weight back in in between but definitely a gain. It was at the end of the 2nd round I started macro coaching, so I rolled Ines over to this method it was basically teaching her the method I was using to create her meal plans except she could make her daily food intake foods she likes! Which is more achievable because you crave something you eat it, almost as simple as that. ?

After finishing her round of macro coaching she had a break from my online coaching but stuck with the method, maintaining where she had got to. At the start of 2017 Ines come back for a kick start but also some accountability over her busiest season at work (Vintage).?

Over Vintage the goal was to maintain so she was on a steady track for weight loss after Vintage in 2017. Ines didn’t just maintain she lost;

She also continued to come to the gym, and hitting some impressive PB’s in that time too!

Conventional Deadlift; 95kg

High Bar Squat; 90kg

As Vintage comes to an end for 2017 we are both very excited for what she will achieve back in a normal routine, both in the gym and in the kitchen!

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