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I have been trying to lose weight for 3 Years and never really succeeded. I joint the Gym many times and lost interest very quickly. I thought I ate healthy food but the weight wasn?t dropping.

I have been watching Rowena?s sister Adele bring in these yummy looking lunches for days and that one day I couldn?t help myself and asked Adele about these meals. She told me that she is following Rowena?s 12 week clean eating Plan and that these are available through her website. I went home that day and searched for it online and purchased the smart eating eBook and everything changed from that day onwards. I have done the 12 weeks smart eating and lost 15 cm on my waist and 11 cm on my bust. I am not yet at my goal but I am well on truly on my way there. Rowena?s smart eating guide has taught me a lot about healthy eating. The recipes are easy to follow and delicious. The smart eating eBook doesn?t feel like a diet and I believe that the reason for that is that nothing get cut out, yes you still get to have treats and Carbs (the healthy kindJ). This was the first Diet, I followed 99 % of the Time and even when I had a bad Day and fell of the Wagon it was easy to get back on it. In the 12 weeks I have learnt a lot about healthy eating and have changed my eating habits completely. I feel so much better in myself my skin has changed, I don?t feel as bloated anymore and my energy levels are up. I now use Recipes from Rowena?s meal plan and search the Internet for Paleo recipes and love trying all these different foods.

I also joined Rowena?s Boot camps and go 3 times a week and love it and believe me I never thought I would say this but I do enjoy going to the Boot camps even though they can be hard at times. I have tried Group fitness at the Gym and after going for a few times I stopped. I like Rowena?s small classes and every class is different no repetitive exercises. You get to class and just don?t know what she will do to you (in a good wayJ ) which makes it interesting. I am now in a routine where I have to exercise every day, if I don?t I feel tired and sluggish.

I can highly recommend the combination of Rowena?s smart eating Guide and Exercise. Rowena has been very supportive all the way and is an excellent Personal Trainer. She certainly changed my life and taught me a lot about myself.

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