Is it worth your Health?

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More often then not my clients come to me over training, under-eating and getting no where. And the cruel cycle of this is that when the scales stop moving they cut their food more and up their exercise. But is their goal really worth effecting their overall health?

Under-eating and over training can lead to health complications that if continued for to long are often irreversible. Complications such as digestive issues such as irritable bowel, ulcerative colitis, food intolerances because they have been cut out of their diet for so long, even to worst cases as organ complications. So is fitting into those jeans really worth those kinds of health issues?

Does this mean that you cant ever fit into those dream jeans? Short answer, No. Of course you can fit into your goal jeans you just need to do it the right way. None of my clients, in-house or online train for more then 1hr 6 times per week, and 95% of them eat over 1900 cals a day (any less are normal my compact size clients ;P). I not only monitor their physical goals while they are being coached by me but also their mental and emotional state, also not worth being a miserable bitch just so you look good.

99% off the time when someone starts with me they reply back with I think you have me eating a bit much, but I?m never wrong, there body kicks in to the way its actually designed to work an starts responding in a couple of weeks, depending on the person results can be instant. As a society we need to get away from these quick fixes, who has done a shakes and pills diet to only get to their goal weight, get off the shakes and come back heavier when they started? There?s at least 2 reasons for this;

  1. you learnt nothing from drinking shakes
  2. your body was freaking out because of the stupid shake diet you where on

Mostly it is a. I mean well done for loosing 20kg in 2 months, well done for putting 30kg back on in 3 weeks, like awesome work, was it worth starving for? No. Because you learnt no good habits while following the shake diet, you had a shake every couple of hours and learnt nothing about what you where doing wrong in the first place to gain all the weight to start with. I actually feel the same about a meal plan, thats why I don’t do them anymore, people can do amazing jobs on meal plans and still learn nothing new because they aren’t changing their lifestyle in small achievable increments, they eat other peoples ?perfect foods? and then go back to their own stuff once they finish. So how is the Team Smart method different? Because I don’t tell you what to eat, I coach you how to eat the foods you like in balance and correct amounts for your goals and body.? Yes there is lifestyle changes in this but it is done in a method that you learn to adapt your lifestyle so you can maintain and its maintainable, no food is off limits, if it fits you eat it!

Nothing happens overnight or in 30days, I do kickstart challenges for sure, but this gives people a chance to;

  1. see what I offer
  2. if its for them
  3. and also get a start on their goal, see if they really want the end result

Regardless of how some one starts with me in a kickstart challenge or on their own accord the nutrition is custom to each person, nothing is the same , but the support the support is always the same there when you need me!

So stop wasting your time and money on quick fixes and bad habits that are just damaging for your health and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle that works for an goal & anyone, and doesn’t hinder family life! or life in general.


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