It’s not a Quick Fix it’s a Lifestyle

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There is so many quick fix diets out there that are designed to make you loose weight fast, but unfortunately they are flawed in their design and in 90% of cases you end up right back where you started and with some nasty adrenal, hormonal and digestive damage.?

You might be thinking didn’t you just do a 30 Day Summer Body Challenge? Yea I did but not one of those girls where at their goal weight by then end of the challenge, it was a taster for what I could do for them and how you would feel following my method. They where also 100% monitored, everything they ate and did was logged and checked over.?

We’ve all tried a quick fix; Tony Ferguson, Isogenix, Detox Cleanse, juice cleanse, the list honestly goes on for ever. Some are by done following blindly from some celebrity book other are sold by a representative who is there to make sales. I’ve even tried a Juice Cleanse! It lasted till 5pm when I finished work and drove through McDonalds on the way home. This of course was long before I really got into my study and know what I know now. We are all human.?

What’s wrong with a quick fix diet?

  • The main thing is it’s not sustainable, you can’t live your whole life on shakes or with no carbs and in most cases when you break that diet the foods you couldn’t have tasted so dam good you never went back to your diet, and now your back to your starting weight if not a little heavier.?
  • They can also be incredibly damaging to your digestive system, by not providing you body with the correct micronutrients you actually can kill your good gut bacteria…bring on irritable bowel & ulcerative colitis.?
  • The havoc it creates within your adrenal and hormonal system is often horrendous and actually can damage future weight control. So both of these systems control so many things in your body but they are both greatly involved in managing your weight. Sending them into distress might just result in you always holding excess weight.?

Often when girls come to me in the first 3-4 weeks the scales don’t even move, sometimes they even go up (but honestly fuk the scales) sometimes this is how long it takes for the body to recover from internal damage through bad nutrition, (I’ve read cases from my lectures where it took 6months!) but they have more energy, clarity & are overall happier and their down a dress size. How can they be down a dress size if the scales haven’t moved? Because their body has gone into recovery it is no longer bloated and holding onto water or fat to keep itself safe and fed. There for you have lost size. The scales also don’t move because of weight training all of a sudden the body can grow the muscle you have been working on so your body fat % is dropping while your lean muscle mass is increasing: muscle weighs more then fat.?

A method like mine isn’t for everyone, if you want your quick fix that last for a short amount of time by all means go ahead I won’t stop you. But if you want to stop chasing your tail and learn a lifestyle that you can maintain for ever then send me an email?and ask me how, [email protected] .?



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