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It?s the last day of 2017, this time 2016 I?m sure you where writing down your New Years resolutions ready to destroy them them from 1st Jan 2017, am I correct? How many resolutions did you set? And hands up for those that actually completed a New Years resolution & hadn’t forgotten about it by the end of Jan 2017?

Don’t worry your in the majority:

?The national survey of 1,059 respondents found that 58% of Australians ? an estimated 11 million people ? broke their New Year?s resolutions this year, with women the more likely to break it (64%) compared to men (54%).?

Ladies tell me, why do we seem to break more New Years resolutions then men? I?m appalled at that statistic.

Am I perfect? Did I reach my New Years resolutions? Lets see.

My 2017 resolutions where;

  • Win my WBFF ProCard – No
  • Deadlift 120kg – Almost
  • Squat 120kg – YES
  • Pay off my Flexiloan – Almost
  • Increase Business (A private business running resolution a % I prefer to keep private) – YES

So lets break down my 2017 New Years resolution, with the first question why did you set so many? I like to set a business related, a finance related, a fitness related (I did 2 this year because I couldn’t tick it off if I didn’t get both, hedging my bets you could say) and a personal goal.

Am I satisfied with my results? In short Yes here?s why.

Resolution 1: was a personal goal of winning my WBFF ProCard but its also out of my control, I?m in a sport that is judged on your looks and against different people every time you front to the stage and often different judges so it is really an unrealistic goal but its a goal, a goal which I will happily roll over to 2018. Am I disappointed I didnt get it in 2017? Yes its a goal why wouldn’t I want to achieve it but I was also very proud of what I presented to the stage this year so I wont take that away with myself because of not ticking off a New Years resolution.

Resolution 2: Deadlift 120kg, a big lift, I was already at 100kg PB at the end of 2016 so I put that number out there as a challenge, around double my body weight (depending on the time of year), I got to 115kg which I am very proud of, and I would like to point out is a massive number, I lifted 115kg from the floor to standing! How many women can say that?

Resolution 3: Squat 120kg, same as my Deadlift I?d got the 100kg PB in 2016 and I wanted more in 2017, and I got it by October, I was super proud of myself for achieving that because its even harder then a deadlift because we can all squat down under weight but can you lift it back up?

Resolution 4: Pay off my Flexiloan, almost there, why didnt I get it, well I achieved and even bigger financial goal in 2017 (which wasn’t a resolution!), I paid off, cut up & closed my Credit Card, something that has been haunting me since I was 18years old and got that letter from the bank saying would you like a credit card? Dam right I did!! Once I paid that off my focus really come onto the Flexiloan, with only a few thousand to go it will roll into 2018 and be done in the first part of the year.

Resolution 5: My Business increase in 2017, why set a business goal, how do you know how much you can increase your business? You don’t but I do know how hard I can work and thats just what I did, reaching my business goal was a great feeling, it was years of hard work really starting to pay off!

Alright so we have gone over my 2017 goals what are my 2018 goals?

  • Win my WBFF ProCard
  • Pay off Flexion
  • Save for a Holiday
  • Have a savings Acc
  • Increase my Business by x%

2 are rolled over, I?m like a dog with a bone, persistence will get me what I want, take the learnings of 2017 and apply them to 2018 and make sure I tick them off.

Save for a Holiday, as it hit 3 years since my last real holiday this year I decided it was time for another one in 2018.

Have a savings account, ?Rowena your nearly 30years old how do you not have a savings account?? Not through being lazy or broke but for the last 7years I reinvested everything back into my business so anything I saved went straight back in, this doesn’t mean I was living day by day I just made no conscious effort to put money away.

Further increases to my Business, I really think I would be foolish to not keep pushing myself to build my business.

No fitness goal? Not everything needs to be a resolution to make it happen, just keep on that goal body.

Now time to set your goal!

You need to make it S.M.A.R.T, not just my name its got some real purpose!


Dont be fluffy about it, put a number out there.


How are you going to measure it?


Are you actually willing to take the steps and make the changes to make it happen?


Are you biting off more then you can chew? Start small.


Can you really achieve it in 12months without giving up every aspect of your life?

Make sure you write your Resolutions somewhere you will see them everyday so you can’t forget! Mine are always on the top corner (uncovered) on my working whiteboard, this is where I workout everything I’m doing for the year in the gym & with challenges.

Now its time for you to go an set or reassess your 2018 Resolutions, there is no point putting it out there if your not going to work towards reaching it every single day, did you give up on your 2017 goal, or did you keep trying all year? Or what was it about your goal that made you fail? Did you go like a bull at a gate and it all just got to hard by week 2 when you weren?t there already? Be Smart this year guys and get it done, find the professionals you need to help you get there and follow the steps.



note: no I didnt win a WBFF crown this year, that would require me winning a pro show, little photoshop love to inspire me 😛

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