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Hi everyone, checkout how well Jacinta is doing!! Jacinta contacted me to see if my S.M.A.R.T eating guide would be ok for her while she was breastfeeding, and though it?s mostly ok she needed just a bit more food in each day to keep both her and bub well nourished, so after making a few changes she was on her way! You can see in her week 1 ? week 3 photos that she has lost a lot of bloating and weight through the stomach and is also becoming former across the stomach. This is what Jacinta had to say from her experience;

?Since starting my S.M.A.R.T eating meal plan I have more energy, don?t feel as lethargic and don?t need to sleep as much, my hair, skin and nails are stronger, I?m not as moody and I overall look and feel healthier. My son who I?m currently breastfeeding has also had some changes through his mood, hair, skin & nails since I?ve been eating Rowena?s plan. On top of all that I?ve lost 2.7kg in 3 weeks, that?s 2kg of my pre-baby weight! The food is delicious and the recipes are really easy to follow, there is a great variety of recipes and most are quick to make! After purchasing my meal plan Rowena was always there for me when ever I had questions or needed any extra help, she was also there asking how I was going along the way. I?m looking forward to continuing my journey to get to my pre-baby weight and I feel I can go further then before to being the fittest, healthiest me I?ve been in years!?transform2 transform1

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