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Ketosis Diet

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Lately I have been getting a lot of questions about Ketosis, so it must be in the media somewhere, I wanted to take a minute to clear up what Ketosis is, how it works, some facts, fictions, pros & cons about the diet that is clearly trying to become a new craze.

Ketosis is a extremely low carb, high fat, low protein diet, which for most is incredibly hard to maintain. For instance, if I was to be in a calorie deficit of 20% and put myself on a ketosis diet my macros would roughly be:

47g Carbs

147g Fat

95g Protein

For those of you who already track your macros, died when you saw the carbs and then fell back over when you saw the fat macros. They are extreme. So why is is even a diet? Because it effective, its effective for a lean individual to loose weight fast without losing muscle.

Some of the Cons for Ketosis are:

  • it takes minimum 2 weeks to get into true ketosis
  • during that process you will have dropped energy levels
  • if you go over your carb or protein goals you will knock yourself out of ketosis and have to start again
  • you can’t gain muscle
  • it doesn’t allow for the best social life, Can I please have half a scotch fillet & 1Tbsp of butter, thanks.
  • most people can’t commit to the balance of macros because of their restrictive nature and find themselves going no where
  • must have a strict reversal to maintain the results

Some of the Pros for Ketosis are:

  • you don’t loose muscle mass
  • once your in ketosis your energy levels raise back up
  • you get to have all the good fats

True Ketosis devotes actually use ketosis testing to make sure they stay in Ketosis, because it is such a delicate balance that can be thrown off. Which makes it time consuming for a regular individual.

At the end of the day your diet needs to be manageable for you, and in a calorie deficit to loose weight, surplus to gain and base to maintain, it doesn’t matter the diet you follow to do so eg: vegetarian, paleo, ketosis, high carb etc.

To finish off, stop looking for a miracle stick to your nutrition & workout plan and you will see results, and if you keep falling off the wagon, maybe the plan isn’t for you.



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