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Lisa Transformation

From the first few emails we sent to each other, I could tell that Ro was going to be a long term fixture in my life.

I needed a big change in my life after having my third child and I needed to find someone to provide the support to help get me where I needed to go. Also, I needed someone who was human and understood that life is to be lived and enjoyed but you always saddle up and get back on the horse!
Ro is always supportive and understanding of lifes mishaps but she is always there to provide me with encouragement and a gentle reminder of what my goals are to keep me focused for the long haul.
Even despite my ups, downs and errors along the way, Ro has always been instrumental in getting me to be accountable week after week for over 2 years. Also, we have formed a great friendship from training together in her studio as well as online macro training to now just macros online. I could not have reached the goals I have achieved so far if she wasn’t there to provide her unwavering gentle support.
Ro is always there whenever I have a question or need to whinge but more importantly she has changed the way I think about food and the relationship I have with it. I get to enjoy life whilst remaining accountable.


It is a small but supportive community of like minded girls who want to help each other along their fitness paths to reach their like minded goals. We get to see the result of the girls who put in the extra work and get up on stage. Whilst that is something that I have remained on the fence about, it has actually enabled me to gain a greater appreciation of the work and commitment that goes into getting up on that stage to show off your peach! Ro is a true example of that and she reminds us all that perserverence and dedication can provide you with the goals that you desire…if you are willing to work really hard for them.


As above. Supportive group of girls to support each other with macros, our wins, recipes and watching the top guns kick ass on stage.


I think if I had a coach online that I had never met and didn’t form a bond with or know well, I am not sure that I would have committed like this for so long. I often have days off and screw ups but I also have this niggling feeling in the back of my head that I don’t want to disappoint Ro when I weigh in/measure up so that keeps me in check week in week out. I feel like Ro knows what is better for me than I know myself sometimes and the experience that I have had with her and her team of girls has been nothing but positive. Whilst we don’t see each other in the flesh, we are all there for each other and supporting one another to get to our target.


Getting to lose 30kgs right before I turned 40 this year was a massive achievement and whilst I have done it slowly over 2 years, I have gained the insight into how to lose weight safely and slowly so that I can maintain it for a long time. I know that I have the tools and coach to help me keep it off long term. If I screw up, I know that I just need to own up to it and do it right.
Also, gaining the strongest butt in my whole life has been awesome!

My husband thanks you too.

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