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Meet Lisa. Lisa is a straight shooting, hilarious, happy soul that I am so grateful to have had her join my team because her energy is infectious!

12 months ago Lisa contacted me after chatting to Team Smart member Vicky (see her 2017 story here). Lisa had been watching Vicky transform, and appeared to still be eating an abundance of food, and not just ?healthy? food, she was still having chocolate! Lisa wanted to learn more about this Team Smart.

Lisa took to my method like a duck to water and started killing it instantly, but like everyone when starting a fitness journey had a little restriction from those around her. Her husband regularly questioned how she was mean to be loosing weight while eating late night crumpets with butter & honey. He has since admitted that he judged to early on that one, now that she is 22.5kg down.

I can?t take full credit for the 22.5kg in the 12months we have been working together lesser has lost:


Bicep -5cm

Chest -14cm

Under Bust -10.5cm

Waist -18cm

Belly Button -24cm

Hip -12cm

Thigh -6cm

Which is equivalent to 4-5 dress sizes!!!!

As you can see Lisa has lost some massive cm?s over the last 12months. There was a point during the last 12months Lisa showed some concern to the scales not moving as fast as she would like and I made her look at the cm?s and thats when it clicked for Lisa, she was back at the gym eating all this food and even if the scales didn?t say what she wanted them to say she looked freaking amazing, and was going to fit into the dam jumpsuit she had bought!

And that she did, Lisa attended the wedding she had bought the jumpsuit for and as you can see looked amazing. Lisa enjoyed that weekend too, along with other weekends over the last 12months, they weren?t tracked weekends and not always weekends filled with moderation but the difference was she didn?t feel restricted on the lifestyle coaching I was giving her so it was super easy to get straight back onto it after a weekend away or a big event because she wasn?t missing out on any of her favourite things.

Her training mentality has shifted too, she has gone from having to go to group fitness classes to killing a good weight session in the gym all buy herself just using online programming. And the results are really starting to show, her legs and ass are sitting higher and firmer then every before!

Learning a lifestyle takes time to make the changes but also see the results, but the results are always long lasting compared to the quick fixes that help you drop kg?s instantly but as soon as you stop the program all the weight comes flooding back on because you haven?t learnt anything while loosing the weight, and a lot of the time they are successful because they are so restrictive but unmaintainable.

Here?s a massive congratulations to Lisa for sticking to it, making the changes, trusting me and the process to reach her goal. Now we are onto the next goal to bring in something even better before her next Birthday 😛



Join Team Smart today and start your journey to a Fitter, Happier, Healthy & Balanced Life.

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