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Meal Prep like a Pro!

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I’m sure even the newest members of Team Smart have heard me say ‘Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.’ This is so important when it comes to preparing your food, no matter how long you’ve been counting your macros and how much you want you goal if your hungry and haven’t got your next meal readily available temptation is even harder to fit then normal. 

So how do you food prep best? It’s personal preference but here I my tips which you can pick and choose what will work for you. 

What you need:

  • Chinese takeaway containers (or other plastic/glass containers that suit you)
  • Zip lock bags 

The Ready to go Prepper

Now this one will only suit a few of you, and it might not be what you do each week, I recommend it when you know you have a busy week in front of you it allows for you to just grab and go with no prepping involved each day. Being 100% prepped means you have every single meals cooked & divided out in their appropriate containers/bags even labelling them for what meal you will be eating them at so they are ready just to reheat as you need. So once you have food prepped you will have a stack of containers in your fridge ready to grab and go and a few prepared packs on the cupboard that don’t need to be refrigerated. 

The 50%er

This is the easiest and most convenient option for most people and what I do 80% of my time, I revert to the top option close to stage days so I don’t have excuses when the cals are low. 

To be a 50%er you prep your veggies and meat in big batches ready to grab what you want each meal/day. With this option you pre-cut and pre-cook some of your foods. 

With your greens I do recommend only cutting them up and placing back in a large zip lock bag in your crisper so they are ready to grab and steam. With your carbs pre-cook, so cut and roast or steam your sweet potatoes & potato. Cook up your rice & pasta and place in one container large enough to fit them all in. Same thing with your meat either pre-cut and have in a ziplock bag ready to cook up, even add ur herbs and spices in here so the flavours really infuse. Or pre-cook your meats and place in a container big enough to keep them all in. These options allow for you to grab and weigh as you need or even the night before as you put you lunch & snacks together. But do make sure when adding into MFP you are using a version that is the same as how you have cooked, you can have a raw sweet potato weight if your sweet potato is dry roasted, it’s a heap different girls. 

The I know What I’m Eating

This is when you’ve worked out your week in MFP either Mon- Fri or Mon – Sun, but your putting together each day/meal. There is nothing wrong with this but it takes a little more commitment each day.

Regardless of what kind of prepper you are I alway recommend you have certain days of your week that you make time for meal prep, it allows for more success for your goal! Make sure you have plenty of high fibre veggies in your diet to hit those fibre macros with ease to allow a few treats, because no treats without fibre.


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