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She’s a mum of 2 who works and has a partner who works on off/away. At the end of 2016 she decided she wanted to make some changes to her ways to benefit her and her family.?

Bree signed up to 8 weeks of macro & training coaching as a member of Team Smart. When Bree started she was low on energy drinking Coke everyday sometimes 2 times to get everything done.?

First was to kick the Coke habit which was easy because once Bree started eating enough food to fuel her body she didn’t need the instant ‘fake’ energy of Coke. Half way through Bree was coming along great guns but did fall of the wagon, a swift kick in the ass from her coach ?? and she was back on track after a week of bad behavior. A lesson was learnt for Bree how far and how fast she could go backwards going back to old habits so she stayed on track!?

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