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Meet Rowena

I grew up in Sunraysia Victoria, Australia. My family owned a dried fruit property which meant from an early age I was working, if you could reach you could help, was a theory my parents held. But it instilled a strong work ethic in me that I still use today.

I now live with my husband, Warren & our 3 dogs; Charli, Basil & Chunky on our vegetable farm. These 4 are the loves of my life and I am grateful for them every day, our dogs are our fur babies, our eldest Charli was even the only guest at our nuptials!

From an early age I played sport, danced and I have always loved eating healthy, tasty food! As I got older I decided I wanted to share this passion with the world by becoming a Personal Trainer. During my studying I decided I wanted focus on female health.

After my Personal Trainer qualification was complete any future studies where focused on Female health, studying pregnancy & post natal training, female specific strength training & nutrition.

I still study, research and attend multiple seminars every year about female training & nutrition, because I not only love improving my knowledge for my own training and health but so I can pass it on to my clients.

In 2015 I competed in my first Bikini Model competition, after that show I was hooked. It has truly enriched my life, I don’t just love the glitz & glam of show day I love the journey to get there too; changing my mindset, eating habits and building a strong physic all while looking my best.

I’m also grateful to be able to do what I do, some people are not able to exercise or care for themselves, I believe in being grateful for what we have not sour for what we don’t have. And nothing is more rewarding them helping other woman achieve their goals.

My vision for #TEAMSMART is to help woman loose weight without restriction and get strong AF. I make it my mission to educate woman on what to eat & train for their healthiest version of themselves with no Bullshit:


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