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Nat’s Transformation

Nat was happy to share her feedback and results but asked not to share her progress pics, which I respect not everyone wants to share, but this transformation is still as fantastic as any I post with before & after progress pics.

During her 12months she lost wonderful cm’s but I think the most important part to this this transformation is the corrections we made to her metabolic adaption.

How do you feel about Ro as a Coach?

Ro is amazing, no other word for it!  I can’t thank her enough for all of the time, advice, knowledge and learning she has put in for me over the past 12 months! Coming off the pill 6 months ago, I for sure would have given everything up, wallowed in self pity and hated life, and Ro completely changed it all. Was there for every up and down, and learned so much about hormones, to help me through it and to have maintained through that time and not gained 10’s or kilos in the process! Her support has been invaluable to me and my change in body and mind.

What do you like about #TEAMSMART?

I love the coach (obviously) I love that there is accessibility when you need it, the check in keep you accountable and yet give you the tools and insights you wouldn’t otherwise know to make the next week even better again. The support you receive from both Ro and others in the group builds you up and never tears you down.

What has your experience been like with #TEAMSMART?

My experience has been so positive! I have had so many ups and downs before where I would have thrown a towel in and stopped eating well or training but with Ro I have always wanted to keep on going, making the small changes for life and overall learning to ignore my own head (which tells me to starve) to trust this process for better life.

What’s so different about #TEAMSMART to other things you have tried?

That you can eat! I love how it has taught me that normal food I eat is fine, but how to make my day work for it, tracking and planning has made a massive difference to how I view food, and not to fear any food or eating out, or wanting to have a good life around food.

Whats some of your highlights in life/achievements since being in #TEAMSMART?

Highlight would be being down a dress size since I started, that I feel healthy on the inside, with loads of energy, and that clothes feel good again too.  And have increased my lifting PB’s to 120kg deadlift and 60kg (3RM chest press 💪.Since coming off the pill and not having a period for 4 months (the worst time ever) and having Ro’s support and her knowledge to be almost regular is massive, I know I wouldn’t have made it through this time without that support.  And still lost 14cm from my abdominal area has been massive!

Ro has so much knowledge, and tools to find the knowledge as you feel her support and just that feeling of wanting you to succeed is something I haven’t felt in so long. I love how positive she is about people being able to eat, which in this diet industry is otherwise lacking! I had no idea about macros and tracking before starting with Ro, and I would 100% recommend anyone wanting to learn and do macros you could not find a coach who gives you more than Ro.


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