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New Year, New Me. This seems to be the way we all start the new year but by February your gym membership is lining the gym owners pockets, your fresh fruit and vegetables you where going to eat everyday is going moldy in the fridge and your New Years Resolution is looking just to hard.

For me 2014 is goodbye Rowena Hunt and hello Mrs Smart (they really aren?t that much different) but my main focus is to continue growing my business, share my knowledge, experiences, recipes, meal plans, training programs and my clients success stories through this blog, which is part of the New Me, through the blog I will be sharing with you my fitness tips, motivation, healthy eating and anything else that will keep you on your Health and Fitness journey not only for 2014 but for the rest of your life.
So back to the New You, have you made your New Years resolution yet? Ask yourself honestly have you made it achievable and how are you going to achieve it?

Also you don?t want to be to loose with your resolution either, like I?m going to start exercising more?what does that mean? You need to set something solid but not unreasonable, so if you?ve never exercised before your not going to win tough mudder or a marathon.
Start small but with things that will make other goals like weight loss happen as an added bonus! Set yourself small goals like being a part of a 5km fun run, the training involved will help get you into shape and even have a weight loss benefit, but most of all it?ll start a lifestyle for you. Or if you haven?t exercised before pick a form of exercise; running, going to yoga, learn to surf, join a sports team, something you truly will enjoy so that you stay committed to your new exercise.

So get up off the couch make a New Years resolution for the New You!

R. x

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