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Nik Transformation

Ro has been amazing as a coach, very supportive and very positive and encouraging on this journey.
I like that #TEAMSMART is such a “family” and always encouraging each other!

My experience has been nothing but fantastic. Even on your bad days I know I’m going to be supported to get back on the wagon! Rowie knows that we all have a life and that some days we’re not going to be perfect. And that’s what I love about being with #TEAMSMART!

Haven’t tried anything other diets really. I’ve tried to eat healthy but soon or later you fall off the bandwagon as you start craving choc or chips! With #TEAMSMART you can still incorporate them into the diet each day if you want to. I think that’s the key as to why I’ve stuck to it for so long! It’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle 🙂

Highlights have been just watching my weight fall off! I honestly can’t believe it! I’m now a size 16 and I have not been this “small” since I was in high school! Such an amazing feeling. It’s so nice to go into the more popular brand stores and pick up clothes that now actually fit!
I also can’t believe and how amazing it is to be able to go run around with my son or go for a ride with him not I can move more and feel great!!!

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