Nothing comes to those Who Wait

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I’ll start Monday, I’m to busy, its my genetics, its to hard….the list of bullshit excuses go on and on. Are you giving yourself a bullshit excuse?

We all have lazy days but when they start to merge into weeks, months & years they tend to make the kg’s creep up too. Chances are your also the type that has bought that miracle shake, pill, supplement or infomercial equipment, ready for the hard words, you got sucked into these things because you didn’t want to do the hard work to change your lazy habits. Harsh? yes but thats my job, I’m not here to pat you on the head and say don’t worry stay on the couch and keep doing what clearly isn’t working. I’m the person that tells you to stop feeding yourself bullshit and spitting excuses and get off your ass and do what you need to do to reach YOUR goal.

Oh yea YOUR goal, its not my goal, my goal 85% of the year is to actually gain weight (in muscle) none of my Team Smart girls goals are anyones but their own. Don’t get me wrong everyone that gets closer to their goal each week makes me prouder then a mother goose, but they aren’t doing it for me. Just like my goal is for no one but me, I only choose to make myself proud, the perk of it is that I tend to get to motivate many others in the process of reaching my goal, I don’t make excuse because no one is making me do it, I’m doing it for me, I could sit on the couch and procrastinate just as well as any other person.

What my favourite excuse? ‘I don’t have time.’

Did you have time to sit and watch TV today?

Did you have time to go shopping today?

Did you sleep until 15mins before you had to leave the house?

Did you have a few to many on the weekend and waste 75% of the next day?

You made time for those things so why couldn’t you make time to for your fitness/health goal? Because you don’t really want it, your not ready. There is no excuse not to make it to the gym or make the right food choices you just need to start doing it and stop making excuses. You can ask any of my girls that have tried to give me an excuse how its gone down, because they are bullshit and I don’t have time for bullshit, I only have time for commitment & results. I also won’t chase you if you decide to give up, it doesn’t effect my results only yours, I also don’t judge if you have a bad week, day, month I just help you get back on the wagon and we undo any damage caused and get back into the run of things.

Gyms are open 24/7 these days, as an online coach I’m always available to clients (as long as I’m awake), you can use a meal prep company if your not the best cook, or you can learn to cook and meal prep yourself, meals don’t have to be fancy, thats what restaurants are for. I don’t expect anyone to be perfect but I do expect them to give their 110% and what is so wrong about giving yourself 110%? I bet you give your job, family, friends 110% so why can’t you give yourself 110% as well? Make time for yourself, stop waiting, stop waiting for the perfect moment to start because there is never a perfect time to start you just have to start, get into the process and start creating the habits.

Since starting in this business I have found that the minimum it takes someone to contact me after seeing a clients results or being recommended by one of my clients is 2 weeks, some take 12months, 12months!! Thats 12months of procrastination, waiting around for that perfect time to start and yet when they start there is nothing perfect about the time, they just finally got sick of hearing their own excuses.

So are you sick of hearing your own excuses? Are you going to start and stop just thinking about it? Only you can make that decision, your the one that has to make the change. Make the change, make the time for yourself, stop being afraid of the unknown, because the unknown holds your results.



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