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Over Coming Gym Anxiety

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Over coming Gym Anxiety

Lets talk gym anxiety, its real and 50% of people will experience this feeling. For me personally after years of only attending small female only group classes and 1 on 1 personal training sessions the thought of joining a public gym made my heart race!!! 

I remember walking in the door for the first time, my heart was pounding, I had that sick feeling in my stomach, my throat felt tight and my hands were shaking and I was only walking in to sign up!! So I definitely know how crippling that gym anxiety can feel but I also know that its something that you can overcome. I now train 4 times a week and the gym feels like a second home, its my space! I just get in do my thing take my selfie and get out haha #SELFIEQUEEN

I’m going to share a few of my top tips to overcoming gym anxiety.

  1. Go in with a plan- This is my number one tip!! Know what you are going to train before you get to the gym. This is where having a gym program can really help as you can just follow through the program. It also means that you are more likely to finish your workout rather than leaving early because that anxiety starts to kick in.  
  2. Find a gym buddy- Grab a friend, sister or work pal and go with each other, this takes away that feeling of being alone but its also a really good motivator as you can push each other to keep going. 
  3. Warm up- Start your workout with a quick warm up in the cardio section, this is usually facing out to the open gym floor and it gives you some time to familiarise your self with the gym lay out and spot any machines you may need to complete your session.
  4. Focus on you! – I can almost 100% guarantee that most of the people in the gym are more worried about them selves than what you are doing. So just focus on you and giving your session the best that you can. 
  5. Join a group class- this is a great way to settle in to the gym as classes are usually smaller, you’ll have an instructor taking you thought the class and great step to build some confidence before taking to the open gym floor.
  6. Music- Make your self a play list filled with all your favourite songs the ones that really get you going and put your head phones on and you’ll just end up in your own little world.
  7. Just keep going- Just by simply showing up you’ll start to feel more comfortable and confident being there and you’ll be taking those gym floor selfies in no time!

Just know that you are not alone in this feeling, its actually quite common but you can and will be able to move past it. I hope some of my tips will be able to help.



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