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About a month ago I asked my Mum if she had a loaf pan I could borrow, she showed up with your normal rectangle loaf pan and my grandmothers cylinder loaf tin. After confirming what it was my hubby gave it a birthday in the sandblaster and I washed it up. I decided then and there I was going to try create a fig loaf in it. Today after my morning classes and clients I made my way into the test kitchen…I’m joking we don’t make the kind of money that can justify 2 kitchens and I don’t have the time to clean 1 let alone 2! So I made my way into my kitchen, chucked my apron on and got mixing away, this here is what I’ve created for you and it is a tasty little treat!!


Paleo Fig Loaf

Time: 55 Minutes

Serves: 6-8


1 cup dried figs*, whole but firmly pressed in

1 cup almond meal*

2 tbsp coconut flour*

1/2 tsp baking powder

1 tbsp coconut oil*

2 eggs

1/4 tsp cinnamon

2 tbsp slivered almonds

2 tbsp cacao nibs


Pre-heat oven to 180C, prepare loaf pan.

Place figs in food processor with blade attachment and turn on till figs begin to ball together like a dough. Add almond meal, coconut flour & baking powder, combine.

Add Coconut oil, eggs & cinnamon to the processor and combine well. Then add you slivered almond and cacao nibs to the processor and give a quick blitz just to mix through.

Scrap mixture into prepared loaf pan and place in the oven for 45minutes.

Either serve warm or allow to cool.



*Organic preservative and sugar free; figs, almond meal, coconut flour & coconut oil available at Rowena Smart Yoga & Personal Training

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