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Post Competition Prep Rebound

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You killed your competition prep for 12, 16, 20 weeks, how ever many weeks it took you to get into the best shape of your life. You graced that stage like it was yours and if you’re really lucky you bought home some hardware.

The Aftermath 

But now that day is over, fake tan & makeup washed down the drain and the glitz and the glamour a close memory. But so is you goal, and your drive. Knowing you where getting on stage in a number of weeks kept you compliant no matter how hard things got, you knew you just had to get to a certain date and you were good, you could push through to that. What ever it takes.

The thing is you’re now at a body fat % you can’t stay at, but also a restrictive calorie goal that isn’t sustainable. 

Time for the Blow Out

Post comp everyone lets their hair down for a treat meal, and the more often you compete the better you get post comp but, a lot of first timers go weeks having these treat meals. Every meal, every bite is a treat meal and as everyday goes by you start to see your reflection back and that girl is looking far from the Bikini or Fitness competitor she was 7-14days ago, she’s super puffy and the scales are saying a similar thing to your reflection.

The Negative Cycle

In a panic you try to go back to macros that where from Peak Week or ever 2 weeks out from Comp but you just can’t stay compliant. Why can’t you stick to these numbers, you did it before! It’s because as I said before you goal is gone. By rights your coach should of given you exit macros to get you back to your new maintenance ASAP! If they didn’t…never use that coach again. For me I always get my girls to stay on my regular coaching for at least 4 weeks post comp, its enough time for a quick reverse but also enough time to have someone around to make sure you stay on the straight an narrow in this difficult time known as your Reverse Diet.

Lack of Support

I’ve experienced post comp prep blowouts where I gained 10kg in 5months, this was the only time I didn’t coach myself, I had used a coach and his only follow up support/coaching post show, was ‘don’t eat like shit’. I in turn binged in secret for those 5months, it was only when the scales hit that 10kg up weight that I got my shit together, had a mirror chat (you know when you speak to yourself in the mirror), I coached myself, created a game plan like I was a client of my own, I stopped caring about the weight gain and just got back on track, then I got control of the weight once more. 


2017 Post Comp Blow Out +10kg 5months      2018 Post Comp Reverse +10kg 12months

The Physic Post Show

The cruel reality for any Bikini or Fitness Competitor post show is that they watch their shreds disappear. Your mind will play tricks on you saying you’re looking chunky & chubby. But in truth you actually look great, still a lot leaner than what a majority of the population can maintain, it just feels that way because you know what you have looked like. This makes it important to have a supportive coach to reach out to to help you will your mindset post show and remind you that you look amazing!

Importance of your Reverse Diet

A Reverse Diet is a vital time post show, you want to take your time and do it right with as little blowouts as possible so that you can build back up your metabolic rate gradually, which will ultimately lead to you maintaining a leaner physic between shows, but also being able to eat more next time your cutting, when done right. You’re also in a state where massive blow outs will lead to massive fat gains because your metabolic rate is in a lowered state. 

Turning Back Time

For most the blow outs come from the restriction of a meal plan, this is part of why I don’t meal plan, I macro coach, it means you have a more flexible Competition Prep which means you haven’t missed out on every single one of your favourite foods for months on end, which makes them less tempting to go crazy on post show. I know for you if you have just come out of a comp prep that was a strict & restrictive meal plan for 12 weeks, your probably thinking what can I do about it now! But it’s what you can do right now and for next time. If you are thinking of competing again, look for another coach who does macro coaching so that you can have a more flexible lifestyle for the majority of your prep. But even reach out to them now, get started with them now for your reverse and also to help you get back on track if you are currently struggling with a post comp blow out. 

End Point

You can get control of what currently feels like an endless spiral. Just reach out to a coach, even if its the one you worked with for your competition prep (if they do between show coaching) and get someone to bring back your accountability but also your compliance while helping you reverse to maintenance. You’re only human, we all make mistakes.



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