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Rhianna Transformation

How do you feel about Ro as a Coach?
As a coach there isn’t anything more you could ask for, Ro really strives to help every client she has.
I have always felt like Ro cares I’m not just another number, she is there to help me achieve the goals i set.

What do you like about #TEAMSMART?
Being a part of TEAM SMART is awesome, it’s so nice to be able to connect with a group of girls all going doen the same path helping each other out and encouraging each other to be the very best we can be.

What has your experience been like with #TEAMSMART?
My experience with TEAM SMART has been amazing, i have made many new friends and learnt lots of valuable lessons. All the girls are super supportive and happy to help each other as often as they can.
What’s so different about #TEAMSMART to other things you have tried?
To me the biggest difference from TEAM SMART to anything else i have done is that the way Ro approach’s her clients and helps them makes it all maintainable, it is very realistic and easy to stick too.

Whats some of your highlights in life/achievements since being in #TEAMSMART?
My biggest highlight would be competing with TEAM SMART last year, that is something i never thought i would be able to do but with the help and push from Ro i was able to do it.
Since being a part of TEAM SMART i have achieved so much more than i ever thought possible both physically and even mentally. I never thought i would be where I now am, i have never been so happy, confident and comfortable in my own body as i now am. I have learnt how to balance out every day life and still maintain a healthy life style.
I have pushed myself in the gym to do more and also pushed myself wit the foods i now eat to meet my macros while still getting to enjoy some treats.

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