Saucy Eggs

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Even if your not a tomato lover you will like this one, its like having pasta sauce with your eggs.

When it comes to?cooking with tomatoes I try to use my own crushed tomatoes but when I haven’t got any left the freezer I will revert to canned crushed tomatoes and just try to find some that has the least amount of additives.

How do I do my crushed tomatoes? Simple, when every I have fresh tomatoes on the bush or they are in season at the store/market I buy a couple of Kg take them home chop them into quarters throw them in the pot with the smallest splash of water and some mixed herbs. I let them cook away on Med-Low heat while i’m doing my other food prep. Once they are cooked I let them cool a little before using my kitchen wand to puree them up. Using Chinese takeaway style plastic containers I place 2 cups of tomato in each, label and place in the freezer to quickly defrost when I need.


Saucy Eggs

Time: 10 minutes

Serves: 1



1 cup crushed tomato

2-3 fresh basil leaves

2 eggs

*2 rashes bacon (optional)



Place your tomatoes & basil into your omelette pan or small saucepan, allow to come to the boil on a medium – high heat. Crack your 2 eggs into the pan (pictured is only one, sorry!) cover with a lid allowing the yoke to cook to your liking. Once your egg is cooked you can eat straight out of the pan or be more civil and serve on a plate with some bacon 😉




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