Sex and the City Workout

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If I?m not watching Friends re-runs I?m watching SATC re-runs If you don’t know what SATC stands for this workout probably isn’t for you, but if you walk around re-quoting the SATC crew this is definitely for you cause lets face it you actually know whats going to happen and line by line so its not like your going to miss anything by adding some exercises to it.


When ever you see one of the below scenarios preform the exercise next to them.


Carrie talks about Big – 20 sumo squats

Samantha has sex -? 10 burpees

Miranda is negative – 20 star jumps

Charlotte talks about marriage/soul mate – 30second plank

Samantha is on the phone – 10 dips

Carrie is walking around in her undies – 25 crunches

Carrie is working on laptop – 40 high knees

See Miranda with Steve – 10 squat jumps

Someones drinking a cocktail – ?20 arm circles both ways

Someone goes on a date – 10 squat jumps

Someone breaks up – 10 lunges on ea. side

You see Miranda?s cat – 5 pushups

All the girls are eating together – 30 bicycle crunches

Someone is shopping – 15 curtsy lunges ea. side


Now while your watching New York?s sexiest gal pals you can be trimming up too.


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