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Stacey Transformation

How do you feel about Ro as a Coach?

Ro is down to Earth and relatable. She doesn’t pretend she lives on Salad and that’s how she lives her life. She is open about her own habits such as not loving vegetables, but eating them anyway and making sure she has her ice-cream as much as possible – This makes me feel like I can have some of that stuff too and still hit my goals.

What do you like about #TEAMSMART?

Team smart is supportive. All of the girls in the group are working towards their own goal and are always happy to offer advice and support

What has your experience been like with #TEAMSMART?

Great – it was very daunting at the start. I was very conscious about sending pictures of my body in – I was ashamed and huge and Ro is the picture of perfect and I was generally humiliated. But it only took the first weigh in to realise that Ro does this because she loves it. She wants to help as many people succeed as she can and she’s not there to judge, she’s there to help make lives better – and in my instance – save lives.

What’s so different about #TEAMSMART to other things you have tried?

Flexibility – I have lost some weight before by myself eating salads and vegetables and killing myself with exercise. It never worked because I always binged. I would get 2 weeks into it and eat all the food I could find. Team smart allows me to fit my treats in and still have good results at the end of the week. Because I’m including small amounts of treat foods I don’t get the bingy feelings and I don’t fall off the bandwagon.

What’s some of your highlights in life/achievements since being in #TEAMSMART?

Currently the lightest I have been since high school – nearly 10 years!! And the thought that my goals are actually achievable, knowing in the next 3 months my goal of losing another 5-6 KG is actually going to happen. Fitting into my old clothes and buying clothes in the NORMAL side of the store!!
Anything Extra? Ro has actually changed my life. She has saved my life. I look at myself and know I have a long way to go but I am so far from where I started and I honestly could never have done that by myself. I don’t dread my body showing in photos and look forward to the day when I happily pose for them. I have such a better relationship with food.

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