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Steff is a friend, a client & basically family and she is part of Team Smart by choice and because she has seen the results it brings her.?

When Steff decided to give my flexible dieting method ago she was frustrated with the fact that she trained 1-2 times a day every day and ate ‘clean’ why wasn’t she loosing weight??

Steff was drastically under eating for what she was doing and over training her body! I convinced Steff that 1 Crossfit Session per day and 1 full rest day was essential and gave her the macro goals to suit. Instantly the scales started doing what she had wanted them to do and she was eating more training less!?

At the start of 2016 Steff decided, after following me to my 3rd Fitness Model comp as a support crew, she wanted to give it a crack. She come up against a couple of obstacles, first she had to give up crossfit (it just doesn’t create a Physic competitor body), high heels & anxiety; she had to go into a public gym and she was going to have to get up onstage in a bikini…Steff didn’t even own bikini bottoms then she always wore shorts swimming!

I’m pretty tough love when it comes to telling me you can’t do something so I told her to get her ass in the gym and start doing the program I had wrote her, she had plenty of excuse like ‘I don’t know how to use the machines’ which I answered ‘lucky there’s video tutorials for every exercise.’ No BS people you want it, go get it. I did teach Steff some techniques for calming her anxiety to go to the gym and now she loves the gym doesn’t think twice about walking in the door it’s her happy place.?

Posing and heels was the next thing but we are conquering that every single day making her move better and better on stage!?

And as for getting up on stage in her bikini…she did it with pride and looked amazing! Competing in the Fitness Model & Sports Model categories in the INBA Victorian (Melbourne) Championships and then the INBA Eureka (Ballarat) show. In Ballarat Steff come home with 2x2nd, 1x3rd & 1×4, that’s a place in 4 of the 5 categories she competed in.?

2017 Steff will be stepping on stage again for the ICN (forma INBA) All Female Classic this June and also her September shows once more. So stay tuned for her progress!?

Every thought of competing in a bikini or Fitness Comp?

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