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Stop Chasing The Quick Fix

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Everyone is chasing the instant fix.

The instant fix is what’s fukd you up, so let’s stop chasing it.

Focusing on the long term goal, and get a little uncomfortable in the now.
I feel like I have a weekly conversation with different girls that goes a little like this:

Me: ‘I want you to reverse diet for a couple of weeks and spend some time at maintenance’
Client: ‘I don’t want to gain weight though’

What woman need to understand that by reverse dieting it gets you out of the shitty place you end up in from dieting, staying in a calorie deficient leads to your weight-loss stalling and you needing to eat less and less. Which creates restriction and begins to damage your food relationship.
By reverse dieting yes you may gain 1-2kg, but right now your losing nothing and it will stay that way.

Then after a couple of months at maintenance & building calories you can start cutting again and be more successful at your weight-loss goal.
If you continue to restrict food and increase cardio in an effort to loose weight as your metabolic adaption sets in you will lead to binging behavior and go backwards in your goal, you will always reach a point where it’s to much and unmaintainable.
Anyone that has let me reverse diet them and spend time with very little happening results wise come back like wild fire and finally start to get the results they where chasing! Those who don’t stay in the same vicious cycle and end up giving up.
Stop being afraid of not loosing weight so you can finally start to loose some.


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