Thailand Day One

 In Training

Day One Thailand.

I know day one has passed but I wrote this then!

I don’t actually intend to bring you a blog each day cause I seriously hope every day isn’t like my first, but there was so much to share with you all that this was the easiest option.

Let’s just say my first day could be rounded up by being called awful!

Don’t get my wrong the location of our accommodation and Shala is gorgeous, in the middle of a rain forest. Getting here though, I actually started to wonder if I should have filled in a will kit like my sister in-law had told me! The planes and ferry where acceptable but the taxi boat? Was the scariest experience of my life! I was trying to workout how if we tipped on one of these ocean waves, in something about the size of a tinny, how would I keep my 20kg bag with all my stuff from sinking to the bottom as well as keep my phone etc dry! But never the less we made it, absolutely drenched but made it.

I had meet up with a fellow teacher trainer at the ferry and then another on the taxi boat so we made our way up the hill through the rainforest to where we where to stay. Previous to arriving I had made it very clear to the teachers I didn’t want to sleep in a dorm with the other 24 teacher trainers I wanted my own bungalow. When I got here that theory changed and the dorm become the better option!

The bungalows smelt like mold and other then having 4 walls didn’t actually have any better facilities then the dorm, some didn’t even have electricity! So as my panic attack began to come on I followed our teacher back to the dorm, squeaked that I would stay in the dorm and rushed upstairs to pick a bed, that’s when it started, the room began to spin, I couldn’t breath properly and the tears started to rush down my face, every fiber of my body wished I hadn’t come. The guy I meet at the ferry tried to help but didn’t know what to do, but to be honest there was nothing he could do I had stranded myself in a very remote part of the world and without spending a great deal of money and losing a great deal that I had already spent there was nothing I could do about it! It was at this point I made an incredibly expensive international call to my husband. Luckily he calmed me a little so the breathing slowed a little and the tears weren’t as heavy. He told me to go take some pictures and email them to him.

So I took some of the views from the dorm and around the Shala this actually came after a talk from the 3 teachers who told me it’s ok to be overwhelmed and it happens and also a fresh coconut. But as I looked around and took pictures for Smarty I realized the location is beautiful. It’s just the bedding/sleeping that’s a problem. But I will come back to that shortly.

After this the next idea was have something to eat, I think this aspect is going to be a winner because the food was lovely, nothing is available before we start at 8am so not sure what I will do there each day but it is still amazing food.

Back to the bedding/sleeping. After spending the afternoon getting to know my fellow teacher trainers I decided my body (that was living on 2hrs sleep for 2 days) needed a shower and bed! After my shower (which had the option of cold or cold) I thought I’ll ask for the sheet for on top of my bed….they don’t have any you just sleep on the mattress (which thankfully had a fitted sheet on it) but nothing to go over you, every part of my was so grateful ?I brought my pillow with me because the lumpy one supplied wasn’t ideal! I laid my tired self down on what is apparently a bed, felt more like a plywood box, but luckily I was tired enough that I managed to get a bit of broken sleep. I also realized the fans where to cold for me without a sheet so my wet towel (thank goodness I packed one!) and jumper became my bedding, tell you what that jumper will stink by the end of the 3 weeks! The dorm situation wasn’t actually much of a problem I got woken a few times but not badly so I managed to go back to sleep quickly.

I’m now up and awake at 4.30am local time, beaming, and sore from the bed, because it’s actually 8.30am in Australia, and I was in bed at 6.30pm here, so I thought I’d get up and share my experience with you.

So far it’s not looking wonderful, but hopefully once I start classes it will make 3 weeks of a plywood bed, towel & jumper sheeting and cold showers worth it’s while. I am very different from the other teacher trainers they are embracing this every step of the way, some have even said I have been to places like this and when I got home they threw so much stuff away because they realized they didn’t didn’t need it, they are also the same people disappointed there is wifi available here….$15 aud for 1MB but worth every sent! I personally enjoy the luxuries of home, not that I thought a sheet was a luxury, but I enjoy everything we have at home, I am already grateful for those things so I’m not giving them up when I get home! Wish I’d packed more of them for my trip, including insect repent which I forgot! I am contemplation going up stairs and breaking into the emergency box of peanut m&m’s I packed, but I will try contain myself.

To wrap it up let’s just say I hope the next 22 nights fly passed so I can enjoy my 7 nights with my Smarty and then go home! I’ll continue to keep you posted!


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